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Aid Through Trade

To be a premier organisation in developing promoting and marketing of quality India handlooms and handicrafts products.

Preservation and Promotion of local arts and crafts is one vital ideology of Mughal silk bazaar cultural education programmed.

To give concrete education in weaving art and to help seek gainful employment opportunities for young artists and weavers in exile, the need for weaving training centre become a must. Thus, we have divided our work into training and business sections in order to facilitate a better management.

We have a large selection of locally woven items meticulous hand made and other items used in Indian religious rituals and daily chores.

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Himroo is a fabric made of silk and cotton, which is grown locally in Aurangabad.Himroo was...

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Paithani is a variety of sari, named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad Maharashtra state where they are woven by hand and....

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